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Here’s the past issue of the magazine.

2015 Issue No. 11 : Highlights
  • The Imminence of Change - Advancing Innovative Payment Practices in the Finance Industry
  • The Age of Mobility
    • The Drive from Software-Driven Enterprises
    • Smart Payment Beefing Up Mobility
    • In Wearables, Look Does Matters; and so Does Battery Power
  • When IOT Meets NFC
2015 Issue No. 10 : Highlights
  • ETAIL Evolution in the Age of Connectivity
  • Improving Security Level to Enable IOE Possibilities
  • Possibility Thinking in Contemporary Card Issuance
2015 Issue No. 9 : Highlights
  • The Age of Connectivity: Actions Speak Louder: Marketers and Comsumers Indicating Preferences on Digital Connective Technologies
  • Future Uses of Biometrics
  • A Smart Nation: How Singapore's New Vision Fosters Better Living and Stronger Communities
2015 Issue No. 8 : Highlights
  • How Technologies Impact Identity Management?
  • Managing Card Issuance Nowadays
  • What Disruptive Innovation Means in Identity & Payments Business
  • Big Data Breed Intelligent Transportation
  • Ten Major Events in the Payment Industry in China...
2014 Issue No. 7 : Highlights
  • Technology Focus: What's in Apple Pay Era & its Inspiration
  • Market Report: From M2M to Internet of Everything: The M2M Market Today
  • Engaging with Technologies, or Customers as Well?
2014 Issue No. 6 : Highlights
  • Market Report: Innovative Payment Practice in Asia - China, HK & India
  • A Paradigm Shift of Payment Process – The Quest of Korea
  • Overview of Dual-Interface Card Manufacturing Technology
  • Smart Technologies Breeding Connected and Responsive Stores
2014 Issue No. 5 : Highlights
  • TSM Development & Mobile Deployment in Asia: A Technological Issue or a Marketing Issue?
  • iBeacon—The Mobile Information Exchange Technology for the Next Generation?
  • Sonic Shaping Mobile Behaviour Before and Beyond Payment
2013 Issue No. 4 : Highlights
  • IDM’s Choice of Disruptive Technologies & Mind-set Towards 2014;
  • Asia Pacific Development on Social Security & Health Cards;
  • The Rise of Third Party Payment Platform - A Case Study of China;
2013 Issue No. 3 : Highlights
  • Report Highlights on IC Transportation in Asia's ITS Applications;
  • M2M Moving Faster & Smarter;
2013 Issue No. 2 : Highlights
  • Powering Innovative Banking and Payment Services with Smart Technologies;
  • Smarter Technology Fasters a Trend of Smart Retail
2013 Issue No. 1 : Highlights
  • What Can Be More in Desktop Card Printing;
  • Visual Security;
  • NFC More Than Just Payment

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