Identification & Management (IDM) adopts a use-specific approach in setting our editorial direction. Unlike most of the other existing magazines in the market, IDM tries not to go to extremes, where at one end with very technical presentation which sometime the management may find plain or difficult to absorb while at the another end with vendor specific materials only.

IDM aims to earn respect from our readers and presents something they feel useful, adopting a user-benefit and application approaches in our editorial. By creating a trust-worthy and authentic media, it is also envisaged that our advertisers or those people whom we report will benefit from the positive image our readers found on the magazine.

Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA)
  • Established in 1997.
  • The only regional, independent, industry association for smart cards, contactless, NFC, eDocuments and M2M/IOT business, Smart Payments in Asia.
  • Supported by a number of international organizations, e.g. ICAO, IOM, EMV Co, NFC Forum, Global Platform, etc.
  • Has organized over 135 industry forums across 12 countries in Asia.
  • Offering other information services, e.g. Smart Card Business Intelligence Daily, APSCA e-Newsletter, Online archive of smart technology presentations & IDM quarterly magazine.