Nowadays our world is highly associated with the application of smart chip and contactless/NFC technology, be it in cards, SIM/SAM, travel documents, consumer and industrial products, the advancement of such smart technology has provided a solid foundation for the process of identification  Complementing other means of identification such as optical recognition, visual security and biometrics, this has in turn facilitated many possible solutions which make modern life unprecedentedly convenient and smarter.

Under the auspices of the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA), Identification & Management is the quarterly launched to provide a 360 degree view for the smart community on how the identification technology is developing and its contributions to important areas that affect our life, such as
  • Electronic identity,
  • Integrated security with access control,
  • Secured access to IT & Cloud Computing,
  • NFC and smart phone applications,
  • Revenue and information management in Transport & Urban Mobility
  • Innovation in retail banking and payment services,
  • Smart retail and digital marketing applications, etc.